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The Original Structural Fiberglass Steeple


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Steeple re-finishing by Schafer Mfg. Co. 

If your steeple is old and is leaking and needs a new finish on it or has been damaged in a big storm... We can fix it and make it look like a new one.. We also can stop your steeple from leaking by putting a roof pad under it . our roof pad covers the roof under the steeple and sticks out 6" all around the steeple so if water gets in your steeple, it will just run out on top of the pad and on to your roof.  Your steeple never has to be flashed around it again..........

Roof Pads

Model # 553-BT

Model #191

Model # 553-B

The Gusher

Portable Waterslide


Paten No: US 8,784,224 B1

For water slide INFO Please email us..


All of our steeples are one piece when they leave the factory. 20 year guarantee on finish, and 20 years guarantee on Structure, and winds up to 150mph    

We Are  Located In Troutman, NC.
Please Contact Us For Any Questions You May Have In Reference To Our Products, Or Services. We Will Be Glad To Give You A Quote On An Application Of Your Interest......



 We have been in Business for 62 years ....

Free Proposals                  

We will draw to scale your church and several steeples which are architecturally appropriate for your church Just send us a picture and the measurement across the front of your church and if possible the height .



MODEL # 191  

Schafer MFG Co now offers column bases

        Old Column                      Our  Lifting Rig and new                    Finished  Product 
                                                           column  base


Steeple re-finishing by Schafer Mfg. Co. 
the leaders
in Fiberglass Products Since 1956.

Are you tired of looking up at your steeple and seeing the white color bleeding down your roof, or does your steeple leak or lean to one side ? 
We can help!!
Let us survey your steeple free of charge to determine your needs. We will come out, remove your steeple and take it back to our plant, refurbish, and paint it with PPG paint. This paint will not streak down your roof. We require the purchase of roof pads (on shingle roof) which will go under your steeple so you never have to worry about the steeple leaking again.  If your steeple needs lightning protection we can provide this as well, as some insurance companies require it. Check with your insurance company. We can make some old steeples into one piece.
Or if you need a new steeple we can help.

The re-finishing of old steeples is a service that Schafer MF
G. Co. provides. We try to help churches anyway we can.  We can fix your old one or we can talk about a new one.
*All of Schafer MFG. Co. steeples are one piece and have a 20 year guarantee on finish and 20 year guarantee on structure, and to withstand winds up to 150mph.

steeple re-finishingsteeple re-finishingsteeple re-finishing
This was an old 4 piece steeple now it's a one piece  
                                        (This is not a Schafer Mfg Co steeple)

steeple re-finishingsteeple re-finishingsteeple re-finishing
                               This was an old 3 piece steeple now it's a one piece  
                                        (This is not a Schafer Mfg Co steeple)

Refurbish Steeple

                                   Befor                    ( This is not a Schafer Mfg Co steeple)

 steeple    steeple
Model # 55

               Model # 453                                             Model # 241
                                            Model # 41


Custom  Smoke stack  Statesville NC


Custom steeple

                               Custom steeple

Custom steeple


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